You can now pin upto 3 messages in a Whatsapp chat

Whatsapp’s messaging pinning feature, that let users pin important texts in the gazillions of chats that everyone now has on their Whatsapps, is expanding today. Users will now be able to pin up to three important messages within a chat, marking an improvement from the previously limited option of pinning just one.

Prior to this update,WhatsApp offered a single “pin” slot for each chat. This meant users had to make a difficult choice: which message, be it an address, recipe, or event detail, deserved the coveted top spot in the conversation? This changes with the ability to pin three messages – in fact, the expanded pinning functionality encompasses all message types. Text messages, images, and even polls can now be secured at the top of a chat, eliminating the need to scroll through potentially lengthy conversation threads. For instance, a user can pin a friend’s address for easy access during a planned visit, reference a restaurant recommendation gleaned from a group chat, or keep a meeting time confirmed via text readily available.

Now, this feature will be made available in WhatsApp for Android and iOS, and Web in the next few days. This update was announced by Mark Zuckerberg (Meta CEO) and Will Cathcart (Head of WhatsApp) on their respective WhatsApp Channels. “if you like pinning a message, you’re going to love pinning three 📌 because you can now pin up to 3 messages in your chats,” read WhatsApp’s official post on X on the matter.

What does this mean for users? The most obvious impact is the elimination of the need to scroll through long conversation threads. This can be particularly beneficial for busy individuals juggling numerous chats with various details like addresses, deadlines, or event details. This easier access to pinned messages also translates to improved communication efficiency. Users can quickly reference important information without interrupting conversations or wasting time searching. This can be especially helpful in fast-paced group chats or for professionals who rely heavily on WhatsApp for work-related communication.

Pinning a message is a straightforward and intuitive process. Users simply need to long-press on the desired message and select the “Pin” option. Furthermore, WhatsApp thoughtfully incorporated the ability to customize the pinned message’s duration. Users can choose between 24 hours, 7 days (the default option), or 30 days, ensuring the pinned information remains relevant and avoids cluttering the chat history. For instance, a time-sensitive reminder like a birthday party location can be pinned for 24 hours, while a permanent address can be re-pinned every 30 days.

While the extended duration offers flexibility, it’s important to note that there’s no option for indefinite pinning. Basically, for messages requiring long-term access, WhatsApp offers an alternative “Star” feature. Starring a message adds it to a dedicated list accessible through the contact information menu.