Threads’ much-requested Following feed is finally here

Threads – Meta’s answer to Twitter – has proved to be an instant hit. Now, a few weeks after its launch, the text-based social network is rolling out of the most-requested feature that it lacked during its global rollout – a Following feed. This feature appears to be gradually rolling out to the Threads app on iOS and Android alike.

In a post on Threads, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the arrival of the highly-anticipated feature, saying, “Ask and you shall receive.” With the new Following feed, users will be able to see posts from accounts they follow in chronological order on the platform.

The arrival of the Following feed is an improvement, allowing it to replace the algorithmically-curated content that appears in the “For you” feed. The company notes that users will be able to toggle between the For You and Following feeds by tapping on the Threads icon at the top of the app’s screen. If you feel that this looks similar to the existing layout on Twitter, then you are not the only one.

The announcement of the arrival of the Following feed comes on the heels of Twitter’s rebrand into X (which seems to have been done in a haphazard manner). Threads, so far, has over 100 million signups – the ‘Twitter-killer’ achieved the landmark of 100 million signups in just five days of its inception, which is a record in itself. Since then, however, Threads witnessed a decline in its usage in the subsequent days.

“Threads started rolling out an option for a chronological feed of only people you’re following and added translations too. More to come!” Zuckerberg wrote in a post on his Instagram channel. Of course, the latter refers to the translation features that are coming to the young app.

With this, users can click on the translation button at the bottom right of the post, or simply reply in a different language to view the translated text. The translations, according to Meta, are based on the language they are written in, as well as the language settings of the user. Other features to come with the newest update to Meta’s Threads include giving users the ability to sort their “Activity” feed by follows, quotes and reposts, as well as allow people to see their liked posts in their settings. Interested users need to have the latest version of the Threads app to access these features.