LinkedIn adds three new puzzle games as it looks to increase platform engagement

Professional networking platform LinkedIn, which off late has become more of a content play, is now adding a new gaming section in a bid to further drive engagement on the platform. These three new puzzle games include aWordle-like puzzle games designed to make professional networking more interactive and engaging.

These games are accessible via a dedicated module on the desktop website and the “My Network” tab in the mobile app. You can play these game with your colleagues, alumni from your educational institutions, and even connections at rival companies. These games will be playable once per day, and once the daily session is over, players can view their high scores and daily streaks, different leaderboards, and others.

The first game is Pinpoint – a word association game that challenges you to guess the unifying category that links seemingly random words over five attempts. Next comes Queens, a game that calls upon your logic skills. In this time-based logic puzzle, players have to strategically place queens on a grid, ensuring no queens touch each other and that each row and column contains a single queen. Last but not the least comes Crossclimb, a game that combines trivia and wordplay. Here, players are challenged to fill out a ladder of words arranged by changing a single letter, ultimately revealing a final clue.

LinkedIn’s decision to integrate gaming elements into its platform stems from a desire to tap into the growing popularity of brain-teasing puzzles and games that have become a staple in many people’s daily routines. LinkedIn is not the first to walk down the path either – several companies, particularly in the realm of news media, are grappling with declining ad revenue and evolving user habits. This is where gaming comes in, providing a captivating and interactive medium that has proven effective in not only attracting new users but also keeping existing ones engaged. The New York Times, for instance, has seen phenomenal success with its subscription-based word games, with over 8 billion plays recorded in 2023.

Similarly, LinkedIn isn’t the first social media platform to embrace gaming. Facebook, the undisputed giant of social networking, has dabbled in social gaming for years. However, their standalone gaming app failed to capture user interest and was ultimately shut down in 2022. LinkedIn seems to be taking a different approach, focusing on quick, casual games that are tightly integrated into the existing platform experience. “It is hard for people to stay in touch with each other, and games provide a way to build these network ties,” Dan Roth, the VP and editor in chief of LinkedIn News, commented on the matter.