Best Portable Grills for BBQ

Best Portable Grills for BBQ For Camping 

Whether camping, picnicking, or even at a party on the patio of the house, these Best Portable BBQ Grills are worth buying that make your picnic more memorable.

The portable barbecue is an essential piece of equipment. It should be chosen with great care so as not to regret a purchase. We have singled out a few models to let you see up close to which one fits your needs.

In our opinion, Coleman Road Trip 285 is easy to transport and install, and it is possible to adjust the temperature of the grill. Weber Q 1200 is ready to use, it is equipped with electric ignition, and can cook all kinds of food, thanks to the temperature control.

Manufacturers compete in improving their products, equipping each piece of equipment with maximum functionality. It is up to you, however, to choose, depending on what criteria you think are most important.


  1. Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Propane BBQ

At first glance, this bbq looks like a small suitcase. It is equipped with wheels and its feet turn into bars for easy movement. This is an interesting model if you are looking for the best portable bbq on the market. It can be useful on the terrace or in your garden. It is also suitable for camping.



It doesn’t need assembly, just unroll its feet and open the cover. The cast iron grate is sturdy and quickly transfers heat. You can replace it with a plate if the need arises.

This propane model has a maximum output of 20,000 Btu, which can be controlled with improved technology. It has 3 buttons which will be used to adjust the temperature. On both sides, you have two side tables that you will use to put down everything you will need for your cooking.


  1. Weber 51060001 Q 1200 Propane Gas Barbecue

This Weber Q 1200 model deserves your attention if you haven’t yet figured out which portable bbq to choose. The manufacturer has never ceased to offer the best to those who trust it. This barbecue no longer needs installation, it is already ready for use. All you have to do is unroll the side tables, before lighting the fire.


An electric ignition button makes your life easier. You don’t have to worry about finding you’re lighter. The valve is adjustable. You have the possibility to have a precise temperature and to cook all kinds of food.

This bbq has a cooking surface of 189 cm 2, which heats evenly, up to an output of 8,500 Btu per hour. The grates take heat quickly, despite being made of enameled cast iron. The whole exterior part is made of cast aluminum. This guarantees the durability of this model. A system collects grease to facilitate maintenance.


  1. Napoleon TQ2225PO Travel Q Gas barbecue

The best brand of portable bbq cares about your well-being, and how to transport the equipment. This Napoleon TravelQ model is suitable for the on-the-go. With a compact design, it has a handle that makes it easy to grab it with its 13.61 kg. Its feet fold up when the barbecue is not in use. For installation, just unfold the legs and open the cover.


Despite the small dimensions, the cooking surface can hold enough pieces at the same time. If you are two or three people, you have the option of cooking the whole meal on this bbq. The grates are made of porcelain cast iron which cooks everything with the same intensity of heat.

This gas barbecue has an output of 10,500 Btu per hour. A removable tray serves to collect the grease. It will only be necessary to remove it when washing. Even at home, you can use this equipment for your grilling.


  1. Martin Portable Propane Gas Grill

This portable Martin bbq is distinguished by its wide surface of 354 cm 2, which gives you the freedom to grill all the pieces of meat at once. This equipment achieves up to 14,000 Btu of power and it heats up quickly. In one minute, it is ready for cooking.


The temperature is adjustable, as needed. You, therefore, have the choice of how to grill the meats or the vegetables. The fats fall into a container intended for this purpose. All you have to do is collect it for the maintenance of the bbq. You can also collect the cooking juices.

This barbecue has legs that are easy to fold up and unfold. Its burner is U-shaped. This allows uniform cooking. Besides, there is a cover that helps to retain the heat. This equipment is made of stainless steel. It is suitable for outdoor grilling.


  1. Cuisinart CGG-059 Grillster Portable Gas Grill

To make sure you figure out how to choose the best portable Grills for BBQ, don’t overlook the small models from the big brands. This Cuisinart Grillster stands out with its insignificant weight of 4.5 kg. It is a compact bbq that is suitable for all your travels.


You can also use it for grilling on the terrace. It is equipped with a handle to carry it and feet to put it on a table. Its use is easy. The hood opens by pulling the handle. A push-button is used for automatic ignition.

The cooking grid is made of porcelain enamel. Its 146 cm 2 surfaces can cook meats and vegetables, for 2 or 3 people. The heat is distributed evenly. Do not worry about its maintenance, it goes in the dishwasher. This bbq has a maximum power of 8000 Btu. It is a propane model, usable with ½ kg cylinders.



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