7 Tips for Decluttering the Garage

The garage is typically one of the areas in homeowners’ properties that receive the least amount of attention during regular cleanups. Most people stuff this space with clutter, leaving little to no room for cars, hobbies, or other productive activities. This is no surprise since the garage is a room that typically functions as a repository for random items that homeowners have had no use for and isn’t the most welcoming room in one’s house. However, a cluttered garage looks unappealing and makes it challenging to find anything one may need. Here are seven tips for decluttering your garage and keeping it organized:

Have a Plan

What you intend to use the garage for will dictate the decluttering process. Make a checklist of the essential tools you will need. Set a date and time for the decluttering process and stick to it. A pro tip is to break down the decluttering process into smaller tasks. Start with one section of your garage, like the workbench or tool area, and work your way around.

Categorize and Create Zones

Before you start decluttering, separate items based on their use, frequency of use, or if they need to be donated or disposed of. Once you have categorized all your items, divide your garage into zones. For example, create a sports equipment zone, a garden tools zone, and a seasonal decor zone. This way, you can easily identify the specific zone for each item and keep your garage clutter-free for a more extended period. 

Keep Only What You Need

To keep only what you need, think about your garage’s intended use. If you use the space for storage, determine which items you’ll use most often and keep them readily accessible. During decluttering, box up anything you don’t use frequently and reevaluate in six months. 

Consider Donating

You’ll likely stumble upon items still in good condition throughout decluttering but have outlived their usefulness. Rather than discarding them, consider the environmentally friendly and community-minded options of donating or selling. This reduces waste and can put some extra cash in your pocket or earn you a tax deduction if you choose to contribute to charitable organizations. Donating unused tools is also stress-free using this guide by Easy Donation Pickup. Donating your old tools provides resources for those in need. 

Broken, outdated, or duplicate items should be disposed of or recycled. Throwing things away should be your last option, as many items can be repurposed, and throwing them away creates unnecessary waste. When in doubt, consider asking your community’s recycling center or town dump if they have any specific policies for disposal.

Investing in Effective Storage Solutions

Effectively organizing your garage necessitates investing in practical storage solutions that maximize the available space. Utilize wall-mounted shelves, pegboards, and overhead racks to capitalize on vertical storage. Clear plastic bins and labeled containers are indispensable for easily categorizing and accessing small items. If your garage is a workshop, contemplate acquiring or constructing a dedicated workbench or tool storage system. 


Regular Maintenance

Establishing a decluttering routine is the best way to stay on top of the clutter. Consider designating a time frame for decluttering activities or setting reminders in your calendar. It’s also helpful to establish a habit of putting items away immediately after use rather than leaving them in the garage for days or weeks. A small task of decluttering each time can save you the overwhelming feeling of having to declutter everything all at once.

Spruce It Up

Consider painting one or two walls with a bright color or adding decals or posters on the wall. Install proper lighting to make the garage brighter and use a constant temperature to keep items such as paint cans from deteriorating quickly. Add indoor or outdoor carpeting or rubber mats for the floor for cushioning and comfort when using your garage as a workspace. 


Make sure to wipe shelves, sweep floors, and use a degreaser to clean workbenches and walls. A clean garage will boost your energy and make it easier to maintain the decluttered space. Consider sealing the garage floor to make it last longer and easier to clean.

Decluttering the Garage : Endnote

With a plan and the right storage solutions, you can make your garage look organized in no time. Once everything is decluttered and properly placed, you’ll have more room to store things efficiently and safely. Keeping up with regular maintenance will help eliminate clutter before it even starts. Remember to reward yourself for a job well done. A decluttered garage is the first step to becoming more organized and productive. Treat yourself with a new tool or gadget you’ll use in your decluttered space.